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Erlang mnesia disc-less node

Mnesia disc-less node is db node that only has ram_copies tables. The boot process as following:

  1. start node
  2. call mnesia:change_config(extra_db_nodes, [MasterNode]) to retrieve db schema from master
  3. invoke mnesia:add_table_copy(Tab, DiscLessNode, ram_copies) to set replication of tables (on slave or master node)
  4. done

Alternative way is start node with -mnesia extra_db_nodes [MasterNode] when master node name can get before boot.

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hidden_connect of net_kernel in R17

I found the hidden_connect method when I implementing my erlang cluster utility module, but there are no documentation about it. So I played for a while with this ‘hidden’ method, and I got the following conclusion about it:
hidden_connect_node is an alternative of -hidden option of erl command in some situations, you can connect other nodes by hidden_connect_node and hide your node when you running in a normal node,

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Hi there

SVBTLE is great, I will try it from now.

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